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Articles - 1920s

The Stacy-Trent Hotel

The following are articles from the 1920s that reference the Stacy-Trent.


- Program at Stacy-Trent to Include Dinner, Recital, and Dance - Mapletoft New Leader.

The Daily Princetonian, January 21, 1927


   Members of the Banjo and Glee Clubs will leave for Trenton this afternoon at 5:45 on busses which will be waiting near Alexander Hall to take the musicians directly to the Stacy-Trent, where they are scheduled to give a concert at 8:15 this evening.  The performers will have dinner at the hotel preceding the concert, and after completing their recital will participate in a dance to be given in their honor, lasting until 1.

   The program will include the "March of the Siamese" and the "American Patrol March", by the Banjo Club; the "Song of the Jolly Rogers" and "Somber Woods" by the Glee Club, and specialities by R. C. Collins 1927, J. C. Fullmer 1929, J. W. Mapletoft 1928, and D. D. Sutphen Jr. 1927.

   Mapletoft was recently chosen leader of the Glee Club, to succeed R. P. Kemble 1927, who resigned in order to give more time to his work.  Mapletoft sings in the Chapel Choir, was one of the specialty quintet which sang in "Samarkand" this Christmas, and has been a member of the Glee Club for three years.

   The following men will take the trip:  Banjo Club; Bayes, Boyd, Christenson, J. B. Coemer, Cox, Easton, Finley, Henderson, Hill, McLallen, Merrill, Mitchell, Powell, Prowell, D. P. Reed, C. C. Russell, J. A. Russell, Shumate, C. P. Smith, F. H. Smith, Snowden, Sutphen, Thompson, Ward, Wood, Wooldridge.

   Glee Club:  Anderson, Beddoe, Bedford, Boatwright, Bodman, Buchholz, H. Sommers, Carspecken, Childs, Collins, Dameral, Deyo, W. Elting, J. C. Fullmer, Greeff, J. G. Kellogg, Kemble, Layton, J. S. Lichty, Mapletoft, D. Miller, N. H. Ott, R. C. Ott, Palmer, Putz, Darnell, Shoemaker, Springer, Sykes, A. Z. F. Wood.

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