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1962 Employees
The Stacy-Trent Hotel

The 1962 Polk's Trenton City Directory

The preface of the 1962 Polk's Trenton City Directory describes it as "an Alphabetical Directory of Business Concerns and Private Citizens, a Directory of Householders, Occupants of Office Buildings and Other Business Places, Including a Complete Street and Avenue Guide, Postal Zone Guide and much Information of a Miscellaneous Character, also a Buyers' Guide and a Complete Classified Business Directory Including a Manufacturers' Department."  A simpler definition would be an expanded Yellow Pages.

The book contains five sections.  The Buyer's Guide, containing advertisements, is analogous to ads in the Yellow Pages.  The Classified Business Directory, which lists businesses and professional concerns, is like the Yellow Pages without the ads.  The Alphabetical List of Names, which lists residents and business and professional concerns, is like the White Pages.  The Postal Zone Guide lists the one or two-digit postal zones (used prior to ZIP Codes) throughout the city.  The Directory of Householders, lists the names of streets in alphabetical order, then specifies the occupants in numerical order.

The information in the right-hand column was found in the Alphabetical List of Names.  The listing showed that the person was employed by the Stacy-Trent, and it also listed the position he or she occupied. 

According to the 1962 Polk's Trenton City Directory, the following individuals were employed at the Stacy-Trent.  Their occupations are also listed:

Ambrose, Vincent (employee)
Angeloudakis, Nicholas (cook)
Anthony, Elsie M. (telephone operator)

Barton, Dorothy L. (auditor)
Beczo, Alex S. (chief engineer)
Bellamy, Lena (waitress)
Belloz, Tina (waitress)
Bennett, Teresa M. (assistant housekeeper)
Benson, William M. (barber)
Boddie, Charles H. (waiter)
Brown, Thomas H. (doorman)

Candelari, Michael (cook)
Carpenter, Harold (employee)
Carr, Harold (employee)
Carroll, Francis M. (houseman)
Compagne, Angelo (employee)
Conroy, Ann M. (clerk)
Conte, Ann (chief telephone operator)
Cook, Jean (payroll)
Cook, Margaret V. (office secretary)

Deck, Erlene (cook)
DeMarotta, Louis J. (dining room manager)

Emanuel, Mary (waitress)

Fakis, Nicholas J. (cook)
Fedorowycz, Katherine (laborer)
Fletcher, Etta A. (telephone operator)
Friel, Joseph D. (bellman)

Gerofsky, David B. (bartender)
Gokey, Joseph (painter)
Graham, Dorothy (elevator operator)
Grimsley, James (busboy)

Hoffman, Catherine A. (waitress)
Hoffman, Joan L. (elevator operator)

Jackson, John (chef)
Jeavons, Valerie M. (clerk)
Jones, James (houseman)

Keating, Robert T. (chef)
Keith, Gilbert A. (assistant manager)
Kornak, Wilhelm (barber shop manager)
Kramer, Katherine (waitress)
Kreticos, George (cook)

Lauria, Jerry (barber)
Luccarelli, Vincent J. (waiter)

McGurk, Anna (maid)
Miller, Caroline T. (position unknown)
Miranda, Michael (employee)
Mrav, Mary (maid)
Muccie, Anthony J. (waiter)
Murray, Asolee (maid)

O'Hara, Madeline C. (executive secretary)

Parent, Gordon (bellboy)
Parson, Lillian (maid)
Perrine, Ruth M. (employee)

Rafferty, Margaret A. (maid)
Rancali, Basilia (waiter)
Revera, Florenzio (kitchen helper)
Rice, Lagretta (elevator operator)
Robbins, Florence (cashier)
Roberts, Margaret (maid)
Robinson, Joseph (maintenance man)
Rosalo, Joaquin (cook)
Rosetti, James T. (bell captain)

Santivansky, Frank (houseman)
Shipman, L.K. (employee)
Slack, Christine (waitress)
Smith, Gertrude (pantry girl)

Tanzillo, Jeanette (PBX operator)
Toth, Elizabeth (clerk)

Varga, Michael (employee)

Walters, Isabel (cashier)
Wasilew, William (maintenance man)
Wiggins, Mary (cleaner)
Winder, William (bellman)
Wood, Helen G. (waitress)
Wooley, Isabel (waitress)
Workman, Mae (waitress)